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Part Two – 7 Easy Ways to Create Your BRAND CHATTER™ and Get People Talking About Your Business!

April 2, 2012 with 0 Comments

This is part two of a three part series on your marketing message by Sandy Gerber of Next Marketing and Design….please click here to read part one.

I created a three part article series of NEXT Marketing’s 7 Elements of Effective Marketing Messaging and in this article I will be sharing Part Two’s elements – Personality, Credibility and Vulnerability.

Part One:
#1. Expertise and Skill
#2. Lightbulb
Part Two:
#3. Personality
#4. Credibility
#5. Vulnerability
Part Three:
#6. Impact
#7. Key Connector

Effective Marketing Messaging Element #3 – Personality

Those who know me chuckle when I share this element of the seven – let’s just say our business, NEXT has personality! In order for a business to utilize the personality element successfully in their marketing messaging you need to identify their business tone, voice, values and culture. Once the business tone, voice, values and culture are finalized – your true company personality can be delivered.

Personality encompasses the marketing messaging and determines wording selection, vocabulary, message flow, depth of descriptive, parameters for visuals and creative design and manner of delivery.

People work with people. We need to “like” a business before we decide to work or purchase from them.

Personality emphasizes what it is like to work with you or buy your product or service. When the personality element is integrated into marketing messaging – it creates memorable marketing worth sharing. However, a company does not want to go overboard on personality in their message as it could affect their credibility (Element #3).

Personality done right has a lengthy lifespan in business and typically becomes one of the humorous and playful aspects of messaging.

Effective Marketing Messaging Element #4 – Credibility

“Credibility” is a term that is overused and misrepresented in marketing messaging. Identified as the third element in successful marketing messaging, credibility requires close examination. The dictionary term for “credibility” is “believable”.

How does a business become “believable”?

Credibility in marketing messaging means “perceived results that impress”. What “perceived results” has your business achieved that would impress potential clients or customers?

Have you been operating your business for more than 5 years? 25 years? Have you won awards in your industry or as an entrepreneur? Have you been published or interviewed for your methodology or point of view? Have you been requested to speak on a specific topic, discovery or innovation?

Credibility is a foundation element in your marketing messaging. It anchors all other elements and if tarnished can have devastating results. What are you delivering as your credibility element of your marketing messaging?

Effective Marketing Messaging Element #5 – Vulnerability

No one likes to be vulnerable, especially in business.

Whenever I speak to groups or businesses and present the sixth element – people get uncomfortable. That’s good. When a person feels uncomfortable, awkward or uneasy, he or she is in a vulnerable state and that state fuels successful businesses today.

To discover a business vulnerability you need to examine all of the obstacles, difficulties and emotional discoveries you have experienced in your business. The use of vulnerability in marketing messaging is extremely powerful. Rarely do companies include vulnerability in their messaging as they assume it would affect their credibility – they couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Some of the world’s best brands have displayed vulnerability in their marketing and received a powerfully positive response.

However, it must be noted when vulnerability is over-utilized in messaging it does affect credibility, so a very astute manner of delivery is required.

To be successful in business today, companies need to implement the 7 Elements of Effective Marketing Messaging and as a result create BRAND CHATTER™. People need to be talking about your business and repeating the messages you create!

Featured Contributor Sandy Gerber’s BRAND CHATTER™ events and NEXT Marketing and Design Agency services are utilized by companies or all sizes.

Are you ready to commit yourself to a day where you will finalize your marketing messaging, strategy, marketing channels and marketing plan for the year to grow your business? The BRAND CHATTER™ INTENSIVE! is limited to ten people and is ONLY for the committed business leader who wants to be armed with marketing action items and complete high intensity strategic marketing work in one day.

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